#ShimmyShakers: Reem Mobassaleh

When you're a creative designer and CEO of your own company, versatility is a must so when Reem Mobassaleh of R.Y.M. styled our Shimmy in ways we had never thought of we knew we were in for a treat. Scroll down to discover more on Shimmy, sparkle and being boss...

  1. How would you describe your everyday style? Comfortable and fun, with a classic approach that can easily go from day to night and city to city. 
  1. We love how you have styled the Shimmy!  Why do you think this is a wardrobe must-have?  Apparel has generally become samey and quite deja-vu. I keep my favorite pieces from over the years so I rarely find myself inspired to shop as I already have some version of most things in shop windows.  I love The Shimmy because it represents a totally new category of apparel and can be styled in different ways with existing pieces to create looks that really are fresh.

  1. Which is your favourite Shimmy and why?  Tough one.  I would have to go with the long sleeve plain black.  It’s an edgy look and a block colour - especially interesting when I wear it with a bit of my shoulder peeping out near my collar bone. It’s an unusual part of your body to draw attention to and that piece can take some of my spring/summer looks into the autumn/winter.

  1. You mentioned you have a Fall wedding coming up, how and why are you wearing a Shimmy to this?  I love playing around with my separates to create new looks.  I have a gorgeous black ball-gown hi-low skirt that I would like to pair with a black sleeveless body. However, not quite appropriate for a Czech wedding on a cool autumn day. I’d look ridiculous showing off my arms and shivering in a sleeveless top! Not to mention all-black is not really the right look for a wedding. The shimmy I’ve chosen to pair with my outfit is the cropped navy lace. It takes my all-black classic look and adds a chic navy-black match and contrasts the flat textures of my outfit with the lace of the Shimmy.  I think it creates an interesting contemporary look while keeping it fun yet formal for a country castle wedding.

  1. What is your top tip for styling a Shimmy? I like ton-sur-ton color pairings so go for blacks on navy, pink on pink, navy on navy or go with an outright contrast - black/white.
  1. We’re so in love with your designs, what inspired you to design jewellery? I’m a practical girl, who values high-end design.  I wasn’t finding a lot of jewellery on the market that hit on how I like to wear fine jewellery.  I wanted to design real luxury that was accessible (18ct gold rather than 14 ct, 10ct, or vermeil designs that are becoming so commonplace and that don’t stand the test of time).  There’s no point in buying pieces that lose their lustre after a few wears because they are plated or, on the other end of the spectrum, that hide out in your safe and become stale from year to year. Similar to my love for apparel separates, I also wanted be able to wear my jewellery pieces in different ways; either by wearing them as separates or by creating new looks by pairing and attaching them together.  So leveraging my tech background, I designed accessibly priced fine jewellery pieces that can be worn alone or styled up together by easily stacking, connecting or layering.

  1. What would you be doing if you weren’t designing jewellery? Luckily, I am doing what I want to be doing right now.  I have pursued other careers and interests before starting my jewelry company, many of which I continue to engage in, in some capacity.  Similarly, while I will continue to build R.Y.M. Jewellery and extend the line, I do hope I will continue to explore additional professional frontiers later in life! 

  1. How do you keep sane with the challenge of running your own business? This was a tough one initially. I was so keen on giving it my best, I had to take a step back at some point and realize that starting your own business is a marathon and not a sprint. I was making good progress but burning the candle at both ends and sometimes being unnecessarily demanding. I’ve learned to really prioritize and to sometimes say no to opportunities. I’ve also learned to rely on good partners and to trust in their expertise. Perhaps most importantly, I am reminded by my fiancé not to bring my work home, to switch off especially from a stressful day, and to just enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m with when I’m not at the office. 

  1. What’s next for R.Y.M? What I hope for one day is to walk down the street and see a woman proudly wearing R.Y.M. and quietly know we offered her a personal, fine jewellery experience she loves. We are on our way! We just launched this past spring and have been growing steadily.  By the end of this year we will have extended our points of sale with selected retail partners and our own e-commerce platform.  We have a few interesting things in the pipeline on the product side too so stay-tuned!

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