#ShimmyShakers: Portia Shaw

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Portia Shaw, in other words the ultimate Boss Lady is a force to be reckoned with in the world of PR.  Having founded POP PR (a friendly, reactive and flexible service of a boutique agency combined with major-league contacts) Portia is one busy bee! So we were delighted to spend a morning chez POP HQ to chat all things Shimmy & lady boss ambition, pretty much our two favourite topics to be honest...
How would you describe your everyday style? Fashion Slave To Black
    We love how you’ve worked the black lace Shimmy into your office outfit! Why do you think the Shimmy is a wardrobe must-have? My wardrobe is made up of 95% black everything which to be fair merges into one to the untrained eye, shimmy enables me to change an outfit in seconds when I am with those with the trained eye! From a practical point of view I feel the cold and regularly walk out the door wishing I had put on a thicker top or longer sleeves. Throwing a shimmy in my bag means I can dress like a rebel but ultimately slip into a shimmy when those unsightly arm pimples start appearing.
      What is your top tip for styling your Shimmy? I loved the idea of lace but I toughened it up with my silver cuffs and apple watch, it gave me equal portions of gadget girl meets punk meets romantic.

      You are such an inspiring ‘Boss Lady’, what made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Generations before us have fought for female independence in work, out of work, financially and emotionally. In order to celebrate this I set POP up, I am stupidly hungry for my work and even more so to see my team succeed. I want the glam squads that are to follow to create even bigger companies and have even more success, and give back to their circles in a positive and learned manner.
         What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t working in PR? A hairdresser, you should never underestimate them, they can ruin your day quicker than a man can!
          How do you keep sane with the challenge of running your own business? Don’t look right, don’t look left, always look forward. And never compare!!
            What’s next for Portia and POP PR? If I told you I would have to kill you, and boss babes only spread love and light.

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