Sarah's Shimmy Styling Tips

September fashion always means being too cold in the mornings and evenings and too hot in the middle of the day… So I set aside all my sleeveless dresses I like for work at one end of my rail, and then I put them on with a Shimmy in the morning. Generally by lunchtime, I have taken them off and popped them into my handbag, so the entire middle part of the day, I am sleeveless, bare legged and thermally happy… around 4 or 5, I take them back out of my bag and pop them back on under my dress. This way I don’t need to bring a jacket with me all day (that I always end up just carrying around for several hours in the middle of the day, and making me look like an unkempt bag lady carting everything I own around) . My Shimmy / Handbag trick means the trans seasonal, thermal nightmare that is September is manageable with a little style and grace, as opposed to bag lady (un)chic.
I love sleeveless knitwear. I think a huge, generous sleeveless funnel neck in cashmere looks incredible. They just don’t always work for the office. Putting a jacket over these gems really ruins the look. But to go without a jacket usually mean somewhere between the air con and not always feeling that comfortable with bare arms at work I used to shy away from these options. But heres the thing, fashion and style is about having fun and being creative, not always about being appropriate…  I love to put a lace Shimmy under my cashmere sleeveless sweaters, cashmere, silk and lace are such a winning combination and always feel amazing - more than once I have been told this is too close to lingerie, but I really don’t care! I think it looks great. I think whatever your fashion kryptonite is (the item you love, buy and never have the confidence to wear)…. put it on and style it your way, find a way to make it yours and to feel good in it. 
Jackets over the shoulders are a life saver in this changeable weather. Don’t keep pulling your jacket on and off all day, and often when we carry them around all day, they get ruined and we look a mess. If your September looks need a jacket, or the weather demands it, just put it over your shoulders, it lends a lovely proportion to your dress or look and keeps a chill off. Just remember to think about your bag if you are doing this. A shoulder bag won’t work in this instance, so a top handle bag or large day clutch will look best…
Mostly, be individual and tell the world who you are through your style, on your terms.

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